Speed Up

Here you will find simple tips and tricks to speed up your phone and save battery life by freeing up RAM etc..


Clean Up

Your phone is like your closet, just you spend more time on it, keep it clean and neat to find your files easily..


Useful Apps

Click here for a list of the must have Android applications, and links to download useful apk's free..


About Us

This Website will help you own your Android device instead of you being run by it. Keep in mind chances are the device you have is more powerful in all ways than the laptops of 9 years ago, and we will help you use it to the fullest.. (P.S this entire website was created, written and uploaded from an Android phone)

Simple tip for rooted androids..

Block all YouTube ads forever and simply on any rooted android device, simply find the devices home folder then navigate to the 4th line up in the 'data/data/' file, (its a line or string called 'last_shown_ad') edit it to any future Unix time stamp in milliseconds (which is the amount of time in milliseconds since 1970), (e.g simply from my current time of 1403618279000 to 3303618279000)..

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This link will make your life slightly easier, to google me just click here. Yours Truly, Tim Simonds. (And yes thats my pen name)
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